Thursday, December 21, 2006

A sign that I am working at the right place.

I am *scrambling* to get everything finished today before I leave for Christmas, especially since I will not be back in the office until next year. One of my bosses was going to lunch and saw how busy I am and *brought me back a sandwich* because he knew that I would not have time to eat otherwise.

**Edited to Add**

And a brownie.

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bluestar_625 said...

In news from this side of the country, my boss, who gave even the interns some time (a nice chunk, too) on their pre-xmas paychex, (we are a non-profit, and can't do official holiday bonuses)and who is great about understanding that if I need to write a paper that I will be useless to him and therefore doesn't mind if I take off, (he also firmly believes that the academics need to come first) is also hosting a drink and eat all-you-can happy hour at the pool pub/bar near our office tonight. And since he makes appearances at these functions about once yearly, it's a treat...he's quite the character. He also stopped by my office personally to make sure I'd be going :) I could have a worse boss.

Long comment, but I think he deserves the credit. :)

Hooray for bosses who care!