Tuesday, May 12, 2009

But I grafted the toe! And wove in the ends!

I have been working on the Embossed Leaves socks in Dream in Color's Smooshy Go Go Grassy. Lovely, fairly simple pattern. Lovely socks. I like the tension I got with the #1 needles. While I was reducing the star toe on the second sock, I noticed at one point that I was one stitch short on one needle. No worries, I thought, I just spaced at some point and reduced on a knit-only row. I fixed it by not reducing on that row, and I thought all was well--I couldn't even see the mistake.

I finished the toe and grafted the last 8 stitches (I hate gathered toes, so I modified the pattern). I tried the socks on. I thought "that's odd. I don't think the other sock has yarnovers right there on the outside of the toe OH CRAP THAT IS A DROPPED STITCH.

And that's where that stitch went. I managed *not* to curse OR throw the socks across the room. I did put them in a bag rather than ripping out the toe and fixing it last night. I'll fix them when I no longer hate them.