Sunday, December 31, 2006

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and all that.

Some pictures from my tree to hold you over until I recover from all that holiday travel:

(OK. Not just from the tree. These were from my friend the first Christmas she was married.)

This *is* from the tree. Some more below:

(I'm not really sure what Superman is rescuing the garlic from.)

And some pictures of the lake from a couple of weeks ago:

In another few weeks, I'll have pictures of people ice fishing. In the city.

Oh, and my Thanksgiving turkey, which I never got around to posting:

(Please ignore the wrinkled tablecloth.)


Grendel said...

Yes, but will you have pictures of a 2 story ice house with a separate sleeping room?

(and who in their right mind would eat a fish from one of those lakes. . .)

bluestar_625 said...

Ahem, is that garlic?