Monday, October 13, 2008

Things I can't say out loud during a casual business lunch

Dear [boss]:

The reason you have the perception that the media is harder on McCain is not because the media is harder on McCain or Palin. One need only look at the lack of coverage of the Troopergate report to see that--can you image what would have happened if BIDEN were involved in such a thing? The media seems harder on McCain and Palin despite letting things go because McCain and Palin are lying and their plans make no sense and they keep making erratic changes. You are a smart guy who nit-picks about everything else--why do you have such a blind spot when it comes to this?

Sometimes, when it seems like the coverage of one guy is more negative, it is because that guy has more negatives.

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College Glassblower said...

THANK YOU! no one seems to notice the disparity there...