Monday, October 27, 2008

I think from my past posts you can tell how I feel about what has been happening with the election.

And I just don't have the energy right this second to comment on every lie and scandal. Who knows, I may change my mind later today even, but for now I am just holding my breath and hoping next Tuesday goes well.

In the meantime, on the election front, one of my sisters lives just outside of Northern Virginia, in Leesburg. She spotted this sign in a window on Saturday night:

The McCain campaign in general seems to have made some major miscalculations in Virginia.


College Glassblower said...

this is great... i hate how they talk like people who live in larger town and cities aren't REAL america... annoying prats...

Vika said...

This is also a response to these obnoxiously large signs that some folks have on the roadways that claim the "Virginia is McCain Country"

We'll see on Tuesday, John, we'll see....Leesburg ain't even that big a town!

Also amusing - this is about two houses down from a person who has about ten McCain/Palin signs on their fence.

And I just mistyped Palin as "Pain"