Friday, March 16, 2007

March in Minnesota

I usually avoid talking too much about the weather, especially in negative terms, because it is what it is and there is no point to bitching about something that is inevitable and unchangable. It will be cold (really, really cold) in Minnesota in the winter, it will be hot (but mostly not too hot) in the summer, there will be rain and snow and clouds and sun. Oh, and most of March in Minnesota will be disgusting, both because it is a bit warmer and therefore the melting snow makes it very overcast in a normally very sunny state and because I am not from here, which means that I feel like it should be springlike by the end of March. HOWEVER, sometimes said weather is remarkable enough to comment upon.

A few weeks back, we got two waves of snow less than a week apart totaling about 24 inches.

It went from this:

To this:

And then to this:

(Turns out that I don't have any pictures of the snow after the second storm. Imagine the first doubled here)

There were 8-foot high piles on snow all over, because the plows had to put the snow somewhere. This persisted for a bit, and then in the past week or so it warmed up quite a bit. On Monday, I took advantage of the 50 degree F (!) weather and the time change and went for a long walk along the creek after work. Even after almost a week of temps well above freezing, there was still quite a bit of snow. However, the presence of liquid water outside (!) for the first time in months was lovely:

Notice all of the ducks. In a few weeks they will be dashing in front of cars on the parkway honking indignantly because they are CROSSING here with their ducklings. Here are more ducks:

They honked at me for daring to be on the sidewalk.

The creek is lovely:

And still a bit frozen:

You'd never guess at some points at how close the surrounding houses are:

There are bridges:

And then I walked the few block back to my house through the neighborhood. The melting snow was trapped by the not-yet-melted snow, which meant quite a bit of water on the streets and sidewalks:

Some of the puddles, combined with the angle of the light, made for some cool pictures:

That last one is my favorite.

Then I walked down the alley, went through the gate, and I was home. You will notice how much snow still has not melted:

It was getting dark, so I went inside. I had to finish filling out my bracket (Go Hoyas!!!!)


Whit said...

I guess this means no more bicycle guy for the year :(

The reflections of the trees are cool - it looks like an MC Escher drawing.

College Glassblower said...

you get warm weather and we get 24 hours of sleet... what a trade off! Happy saint patrick's day!

Tori said...

Go Hoya's indeed :D Gtown is being appropriately supportive of the current successes!

I have some fab pics from Spring break, but I haven't posted them yet. My personal favorite is one of the pics I got of a bald eagle landing on a beach in front of a cliff. No kidding-it rocks :D

Witty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Witty said...

Go Vanderbilt!


Grendel said...

Go gophers!
Yes, I know, not in basketball. On the other hand, they are in the national tournament for a far more entertaining sport.
(I think the North Dakato goalie nearly cried. It was great.)

College Glassblower said...

so do we really want to know what you deleted? probably something horribly inappropriate... so yeah, the pics are awesome... i can not wait until i get my appalachia pics back so i caan post them!

Tori said...

I figure it was (unprintable) (unrpintable) ad popups from (unprintable) (unprintable) people who publish (unprintable) spam on innocent blogs. :D

Kate said...

Um, I didn't delete it.

Witty said...

I did - I wrote the wrong team name in the first time around...

College Glassblower said...

oh ok, just thought something interesting and entirely innappropriate had been deleted and i wantedx to know what it was...

Tori said...


Grendel said...


"The Aristocrats!"


Tori said...

THis is probably one of the few situations in which I will blindly answer GO HOYAS to any mention of basketball. I am a terribly Philadelphia-style fan~Fair Weather Allll the WAAAY!