Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Are you trying to make me hate the Olympics?

Dear NBC,

I get that you are trying to have as much Olympic coverage as possible. You have paid an unseemly amount of money for the rights to air the Olympics and air them you will, even if they are the crappy summer Olympics that do not include curling, hockey, or that (seriously) most practical of winter sports, the biathlon. Also there is no ski jump.

However, WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THAT PEOPLE WHO TUNE IN TO MSNBC ("the place for politics") IN THE MORNING WANT TO WATCH SOCCER? US v. China women's soccer? Two days before the opening ceremonies? I even like soccer, but you can just bite me.

I tried going back to CNN, but after 10 minutes of coverage regarding Madeline McCann (I really don't care if I did misspell that--I know new docs were released, but she disappeared A YEAR AGO), I had to turn it off, since I remembered why I switched to watching MSNBC in the first place.

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