Wednesday, October 03, 2007

This question is completely serious. (Updated)

Target is being sued by a class of people who are blind for not making their website accessible. The class has been approved by a judge.

How would one make a completely visual medium accessible to blind people? I am sure there is a way (see also: books), and I certainly think it could be done (and should be done, assuming it is reasonably possible), but I would have liked the article to explain exactly *what* the class is trying to accomplish, using specifics. You know, like the blind people who want to have some way to know a hybrid car is coming. That article mentions possible *solutions*, which seems like a reasonable thing for which to ask.


This article *does* explain a little bit about what the class is looking for as a remedy:

"The ruling allows blind individuals, who say that many other retailers have designed their Web sites to be accessible through special software that vocalizes online content, to join collectively in the lawsuit."

See? That's all it took to make it clear. There are other articles with more technical explanations, but that one sentence was enough.

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