Tuesday, October 02, 2007

An Open Letter to the Man Who Dialed My Office Number by Mistake Today.


When I said hello, did you recognize my (fairly distinctive) voice? If no, your response to my greeting *should not have been* "Hi, honey. Did you get my message?" I'll cut you some slack on that one, though, since sometimes people take a few seconds to process unexpected things in a familiar setting.
However, when I very politely mentioned that I believed that you had a wrong number, arguing was really not the way to go. Given the implied intimacy (or at least personal acquaintance) implied by the first words out of your mouth, how did you not recognize that you were speaking with the wrong person? I feel that I have had a fascinating glimpse into what your life must be like. Also, you sounded as if you might be drunk.


Grendel said...

Yeah. Sorry about that.

I was drunk.

(Kidding, kidding)

I wasn't drunk. :)

Vika said...

Hey, souinds like that time that somebody called mom and thought it was you...for about 30 secinds.


Vika said...

eek. Spelling is not my strong suite today, methinks.