Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Milestone

So, a little over a month ago I *may* have turned 30. On Easter, in fact. Matter-Eater Lad and I took the new car and drove up to Duluth, since we never had before. It was cold, but lovely and sunny, which made for a nice drive up there.

We saw the lift bridge:

Sand dunes:

Lake Superior, which was still frozen for quite a distance out from shore:

Elmo joined us.

He pensively regarded the surf:

Mugged for the camera:

And tried to eat the lighthouse:

(Shut up. *We* were *very* amused.)

Matter-Eater Lad also got me this for my birthday. It is absolutely *beautiful*. The artwork alone makes this edition worth it.

My family got together and sent me the money to pick out my very own kayak. I finally chose it and bought it last night (I'll tell y'all about the fun of trying to find a place to put the front strap hooks of a kayak car carrier on a Mazda 3 for a trip that *must* include a high-speed highway another time):

Please note that Elmo helped test out the kayak:

(And let us pause to note how great the grass looks. That part of the lawn was a sand pit and landscaping rocks when we bought the house 3 1/2 years ago--the previous owners had an above-ground pool. Getting rid of the rocks and getting topsoil and seeding the grass was just *so much* work.)

It was a good birthday. And being 30 is really exactly like being 29 so far.


Grendel said...

30? Pffft. Amateur.

Oh, and learn how to eskimo roll. Rolled over and upside down in the water is no way to go through life (which can be short if you can't unroll. :) )

Grendel said...

Oh, and cool photos, but I guess that's to be expected. It being cooler by the lake and all. . .

(okay, so I'll be the only one that gets that one)

Witty said...

How come Lake Superior doesn't have its own bicycle man???

I love the kayak!

Grendel said...

Lake Superior did have it's own bicylce man. A big one. As the big bicyle men go, he was bigger than most.

His name? I'm sure you can guess. . . :)

Vika said... may have turned 30?

What, precisely, does that mean? ;)

Did you give Elmo his two test tickles while he was testing the kayak?

And Eskimo rolls are indeed an excellent skill. But do they call them Inuit rolls now?

(alright, I have to admit that before I thought about it a little further I was trying to figure out whether Eskimo rolls were a type of sushi. Don't tell me it never crossed your mind!)

Vika said...

And as an afterthought-whenwe are imagining the scene where the grass gets put in, who are we imagining doing the heavy lifting and who are we imagining drinking the (insert appropriate alcoholic beverage, preferably one that can reasonably include cocktail umbrella) and giving direction?

I'm torn.

Witty said...

Sorry Grendel - not enough caffiene yet - I have no idea where you're going with that...

Grendel said...

"As the big freighters go, she was bigger than most. . ."


So the bicycle man's name is obviously Edmund Fitzgerald. :)

Kate said...

Dude, I got it. but I have also lived in MN for five years now.

No joking about the rocks and the lawn. That was frakking hard work.

Vika said...

Eek-hit a nerve there. Okay!

Witty said...

Oh duh - I totally should have gotten that considering I've seen about 14 History Channel shows on the topic...

Vika said...

TV? Huh?

I would like to watch TV again. One more paper....

JennaKate said...

Happy (late) birthday!