Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Awesome people do not suck.

So, the knitting that I was doing while waiting to find out that our car is on life support yesterday was the second in a pair of Jaywalker socks knit from Socks that Rock lightweight in the "Ruby Slippers" colorway. I really like the pattern and the yarn, but I knew that I was going to be very close to not having enough yarn to finish the second sock. I should have had *just* enough--with my swatches (which I frogged and used) I had *exactly* enough yarn to finish. The fact that I was going to finish them yesterday (a/k/a "The Day on Which Neither Matter-Eater Lad nor I Should Have Gotten Out of Bed") meant, of course, that I ran out of yarn halfway through the toe of the sock. Ten ever-decreasing rows short of completion there was no more yarn. I thought that I had two options:

1) Use totally random yarn to finish the sock, or;
2) Order a whole new skein and plan on making another pair of shorter socks as well.

Neither of these options pleased me. I didn't *want* a random toe, and I would rather work with a new colorway.

My friend K. suggested a third option:

3) Call the dye/yarn shop and see if they have any scraps hanging around that they may be willing to send me.

So, I tried option #3. And it *totally worked*. The nice woman at Blue Moon Fiber Arts had some mini-skeins of that colorway for some of her stranded sock kits, and she is sending them to me!
Strictly as a thank-you, I also ordered one skein of STR lightweight in Fire on the Mountain. I wouldn't want to appear ungrateful.


Whit said...

I think when I was like 8 I did something nice for you. Please feel free to send a gift so that you don't appear ungrateful ;)

Tori said...

::snicker:: yeah, me too :) and it wasn't throwing all the stuff from my side of the room to your side of the room so that I didn't have to clean up...sorry about that. Granted, you did throw it all back to my side, but we've both grown up a little since then :D

SO, I tried your links, but am having trouble with them.

At least you had something to do while you waited. I probably would have 'sploded like an overwrought steam engine if I'd had to wait with nothing to do.

...of course, at the moment I'm a bit on edge as a result of random acts of insanity on the part of certain people who shall remain unnamed...but well shod. Perhaps you would have handled the situation with poise and grace :D