Tuesday, March 31, 2009

While I am thinking about it.

So that I don't forget, here is a V vocab update for today. She has used these words (or an approximation thereof) repeatedly in context with no prompting :

Elephant (sounds the same as "Elmo," have to figure out which she is referring to by context)
Up (as in "please change the state of this thing to what I want it to be--pick me up, put me down, open this box, etc.)
Down (not very often used, see "up")
Out (as in "go out")
Carseat (as in, what she climbs into when she would like to go out)
Yum (as in "yummmmmmmmm" I am STARVING WHY HAVE YOU NOT FED ME??--this usually is used when she has been happily playing and someone else starts to do anything in the kitchen)
More & "more" sign, although sign is used to mean "eat" quite a bit and she uses the "eat" sign to mean "nurse"
Fishie (she has a fish kite in her room)

That is what I have for the moment, although I feel like I am forgetting some.


College Glassblower said...

but why should she need words? you are the mommy- YOU ARE MAGIC! lol- can't wait to see you guys in may!

College Glassblower said...

is the fish kite the goldfish from when i came to visit you in DC?

Kate said...

Yes. Just like the one you have. From the kite festival that happens in conjunction with the Cherry Blossom Festival.