Thursday, September 11, 2008

Maybe I just don't have that much respect for our political discourse.

I should start by saying that I think it is pretty clear that Barack Obama did not intend to call Sarah Palin a pig, and that I would much rather the news media report actual, you know, NEWS.


I also really wouldn't have CARED if he DID call her a pig. And not just because I find her elevation to the GOP presidential ticket and the resultant poll bounce really, really embarrassing for our country. Really, 1) politicians call each other names ALL OF THE TIME, and b) anyone whose nickname is "Sarah Barracuda" really needs to grow some damn balls and stop whining. She described herself, more or less, as a Rottweiler with lipstick. OK, then. STOP WHINING. Criticizing a woman IS NOT THE SAME THING AS BEING SEXIST. Or, if that is the standard, you are not allowed to criticize Obama ever again, lest you be a racist. Ridiculous, you say? You are correct.

I should also mention that ad hominem attacks should not allow anyone to whine, in either party, but also should not be NEWS.


peg said...

I couldn't agree more. You said it perfectly.

College Glassblower said...

very true... i really wouldn't have cared either... i find that she annoys me almost all the time anyway...