Thursday, December 20, 2007

You only want a goat in theory.

My sister had a Very Serious Discussion with my nephew about Next Christmas the other day. My nephew is 7, so they are trying to instill in him charitable impulses and caring about others and such, and now is really the time to plant the idea that there will be less in terms of presents for next year (doesn't bother him right now, of course--next year's presents are a bit abstract right now) so that they can give to charity for people who really need it. So as to get him excited about this, Sis pointed out that they could get, for example, a goat for someone in a developing country who really needs it. Kids like animals, right? Plus, unlike food or medicine, he can understand why someone would want a goat. He got right behind this idea, with one caveat.

He wants to know if they can keep the goat for just a little bit first, since he has "always wanted a goat." (Ha. I wonder how long that would last once the goat started eating all of his stuff. Unlike sheep, goats are pretty smart and therefore hard to contain.) And then, he generously (seriously--he's only 7) points out, they can give the goat to the people who need it.

Methinks my sister is headed for a petting zoo as part of this plan for next year.


Vika said...

Even sheep are dirty and stupid and require herding. Goats, as was pointed out, are dirty and smarter and therefore require much MORE supervision.

Perhaps a llama would be a better example. They're kinda dirty too, and very smart, but not nearly as annoying.

College Glassblower said...

yes, methinks the petting zoo would be a FANTASTIC idea... and i can totally see him deciding goats are evil when they try t oeat his shorts... one did that to mom when we were in new york a few years back... but that led to a personal ostrich farm tour so it was ok...