Thursday, November 09, 2006

Blah, blah, blah, stupid metaphor about a tree's leaves in a strong wind and deep roots.

George Allen just conceded.

The Democrats officially control both houses of Congress.

Addendum: Put the !@#$ football away, George. This is a PRESS CONFERENCE at which you are conceding in a race for US SENATE. Have a little dignity.

Further addenda:

1) From an email from Mater-Eater Lad: "To which I say, Welcome to the real American and the real Virginia, you racist sack of shit.'"

2) From further emails between the two of us:

SWMBO: "God, I hate football. Can you imagine any other sport (soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, hunting, bowling) where a former player would think that it was OK to have a catch at a major news conference?"

MEL: "It'd be pretty funny if a candidate started throwing a bowling ball into the crowd.

Or if he was an archer, and just started winging arrows at people."


Grendel said...

I've often felt like carrying a hockey stick, just for general everyday use. And I never even played. . .

Kate said...

I feel that I should take up fencing, so that I have an excuse to carry around a foil. No one on the Light Rail would crowd my seat *then*.

mary said...

yeah, but i would think that people would stay away from you because of all the things you have stuck all over you for knitting...but a foil would be much less abstract...

mkf said...

Let me point out that a curling stone weighs 42 pounds.

That is all. :-)