Friday, May 12, 2006

An Open Letter to the Obnoxious Commuter Talking Loudly on His Cellphone on the Light Rail Train Yesterday Morning

Are you incapable of spending 20 minutes on the train without calling clients or returning other phone messages? Do you think that the potential customer to whom you spoke first would have been pleased to find out that *everyone in the train* knows the details of their account and where you are meeting today? Would you really have had this conversation with said client if you both had been sitting on the train? No?
Let's move on to my next example of your stupidity and rudeness. Would you have shared your first and last name, where you live, your daughter's first and last name, and where she goes to school with the whole train? Would you have even shared these details with the one stranger sitting next to you? No? Then why do you think it is OK to go over all of these details on your cell phone with the school district where *the entire train* can hear you? Dude, I wasn't even sitting next to you, and I was chatting with my husband (at least until we broke off our conversation and started to bitch about what a jackass you are), and I know more information about you, your family and your customers than the average stalker would be able to dig up.
I have no problem with anyone having a quiet cellphone conversation of the train--people chat with one another on the train all the time--but this is *not* a private space just because the other person in your conversation is at the other end of the phone rather than sitting next to you.

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