Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Far be it from me to imply that my child is not the most fascinating, interesting one-year-old in the world.

However: really, Internets? Of all of the videos of V I have put up on YouTube, this one:

is the one that has been viewed many more times (still only 44 views, so it isn't viral or anything, but the ones with more views have been up for months and pretty much have demographics indicating that they were viewed in places where we know people) than the other videos I uploaded at the same time, and by people all over the US, in Chile, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Hong Kong, Mexico, Spain and Thailand?

One amusing note: apparently a Japanese blog has linked to it, and the other links on the blog are mostly to videos of a bunny rabbit. I don't know any more, because my browser won't display the characters (not that I read Japanese, anyway, but with the Internet Tubes at my disposal I might have deciphered some of it).


College Glassblower said...

it is freakin hilarious... but japan?

MCV said...

She just sees that all of the adorable stuff is in the toy box, and since she's the most adorable thing, she better get in there. But she realizes there isn't enough room, so she's gotta clear some of the less adorable things out. Right?

Kate said...

Hee. Well, SHE certainly thinks so.

Also please note that is her birthday picture a couple of posts ago, V totally he Ralph Wiggum hair ("Me fail English? That's Unpossible!")