Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It should be an undisputed fact that Michelle Bachmann is just an embarrassment to Minnesota.

Case in point.

My favorite bit of the AP article?

"Bachmann predicts that if the U.S. more thoroughly taps its own energy sources, gas prices could be cut in half. Other energy experts have disputed that projection."

OTHER energy experts? Is this meant to imply that Bachmann is any sort of EXPERT? The mind boggles. You know what? I read Cryptonomicon. I am now a code-breaking expert. You shall all listen to my proclamations and bring me logic puzzles! Plus, I have watched ALL THREE Terminator movies. I am now a robot. I AM A CODE-BREAKING ROBOT!


Witty said...

So....does she mention the three months of darkness because she figures permanently scarring a pristine landscape to drill for oil that may or may not have any impact on gas prices a decade or so from now is OK if you can't see that its happening a quarter of the year. OK, now I want to learn about the hear no evil and speak no evil parts of the plan...

KK said...

I think it's dark several hours out of every 24. I am going to take all the food from her pantry during the night. Because in the dark, any stuff that's there belongs to anyone who can get their hands on it.