Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Building blocks (with yarn pic goodness)

I am designing and knitting a shawl for my sister to wear at her wedding in the fall, and we recently decided on a yarn. It's Alchemy Silken Straw in Winkie's Blue (they appear to have sold out of the color--perhaps because I bought *8* skeins of it and they only had 10 to begin with). I wouldn't normally knit lace with a tape yarn, but this was the yarn that spoke to both of us, so I will be designing a pattern that will work with this specific yarn. Also, how often do I get to play around with this much Alchemy yarn? What a luxury! I have some ideas, and as I swatch I'll post pictures. For now, here is the yarn in its raw state:

Those first two pictures are pretty close, color-wise--maybe just slightly too purple, but maybe not. I am fascinated by what the flash did to the color--it brightened the blue and washed out all of the magenta:

Isn't it lovely?


Whit said...

WooHoo! I'm psyched! I really do love the color.

Do you think its too much to have it count for something new AND something blue? ;)

Kate said...

You also have the dress that is new, the shoes that are new, etc. I don't think ou have to worry on that front.