Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I do love yoga, though.

I suspect that while doing asanas in yoga my internal dialogue is not supposed to be:

[attempts to assume half-moon pose]
[falls over]
[resumes pose]
[holds pose for approx. 3 seconds]
[falls over again]

I suspect that this is not helping me to "connect my breath with each movement."


Whit said...

Quite a few of us pulled a muscle laughing at this...

Vika said...

Oh good lord. I know EXACTLY what you mean. If I'm doing this at home that dialogue isn't so internal.

And Half-Moon is one heckuva bitchuva pose. And then once you master it the next variation is to HOLD your FOOT with your HAND and make, like, a circle of the bits that aren't balancing you on the floor.

Um, yeah.